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New Success Strategy for a Construction Business

by Michael Stone

Hey Guys:

"News flash!" I know you haven't heard this before, but there is a chance in the future that your business might slow down. If you want to keep working when things slow down -

RETURN YOUR PHONE CALLS - TODAY - NOW. No more excuses, stories, whining or other stuff. Pick up the phone, return your calls.

I talked to four different contractors on the phone today. All four had the same complaint. Nobody returns their phone calls. Why? Just so we are clear on this issue . . if you aren't returning your calls, you aren't too busy, you are just too disorganized.

Clean up your act, make me proud to be associated with you. Make your customers happy, surprise everyone you call . . . just return your calls. The single biggest complaint I get about contractors is they don't return their calls.

Want to increase your business by at least 20%? Return your calls.

Thanks in advance, and remember, you read it here first.


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