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My Confession - please tell me I'm not the only one!

by Michael Stone

Have you ever had something to do, that needed doing, that you kept finding one reason after another not to do it? Me neither.

Well, maybe. This is "Stone's True Confessions", online edition.

Devon calls me a pack rat, which is unfair - I'm just a collector. Of everything. I have over 200 boxes of stuff that I've accumulated that's been taking up space now for over 12 years. Primarily tools, both hand and power, parts and pieces of whatever, all in boxes. I also have several tons of equipment; power saws of all kinds, 1 shaper and 1 sanding machine, 2 routers and 2 band saws, 3 lathes, 4 table saws, you name it, I have it. In and around these boxes of my stuff are boxes of Devon's stuff that she's been hounding me to dig out for her. She has even offered to clean up the mess for me - but I know there wouldn't be anything left. She's ruthless.

The problem is that this stuff is keeping me from having a shop to work in. Once upon a time, I had my shop set up and running smooth. Baby, it was almost perfect. Something happened and it all went away. I remember now, we moved. That's it, we moved.

That was 12 years ago and since then I've complained much and often (but not in front of Devon) about not being able to find anything when I needed it. If it wasn't a tool missing, it was a container of screws, washers, nails, whatever that I couldn't find. Stupid stuff kept getting lost.

NO MORE. I have been without long enough. For the past 5 weeks I've focused every evening on that pile, and I've been through most of it. I think. I have about 30 boxes left. They are all stacked in one corner of the shop where I piled them when we moved into this place almost five years ago. If there are any angels in clutter, I am hoping they will smile on me and I can finish by this weekend.

I will keep you posted.


malinda meck (not verified) /

No Michael you are not the only one. It does sound like the stuff your going through is minimal compared to some that we see. I don't know anything about this from personal experience because Jacob hates keeping stuff. I guess that's why he makes a great trash company owner. :) Our newest service that we've added to Allegheny Disposal is doing just what you are doing. We go into peoples places and haul off the "collections" that have accumulated over the years. Most of it is scrap metal in some way shape or form. Whether it's small hand tools, old trucks (kept for parts) or other equipment, steel beams etc, we'll load and haul it away for you. To bad you are on the other side of the USA.

Best Wishes on finishing this project.

It's probably my very good fortune that my much better half is out of the country right now because I would be headfirst into a whole big heap of StinkyStuff if she happened to read your comments...
Suffice to say that I can barely get through my 2 car garage lately and I've actually cleaned, organised, shelved, itemized and re-organised my shi.., eh my stuff, every year for the last 20 years and I STILL have a garage full of it!!

One of these days, Ill get retired and have time to do it...


Colm ;-)

Shoot, I thought it was us yankee's that had that gene! Come to think of it you all came from back here at some point. I am guilty too. Best thing I did this year was stay away from the flea market. Last thing I need is more stuff.
Never enough shop space no matter what you think in the beginning.
We had three buildings on the farm all or at least part of devoted to stuff. everything from lumber, antique woodworking equipment to old textile machinery, even a shingle mill. sold most of it when the farm sold. It has been 14 years and my three car garage is not a shop anymore, it is a closet.
I do have a plan for this fall, my daughter needs money for her horse, 2 nights a week organizing! 2 nights working the horse. Who knows maybe I'll even get to drag some firewood out of the woods with that draft when she is not looking!

Michael Stone /

Malinda, Colm & Steve:

Thank you, thank you. You don't know how much I appreciate your posts. This will confirm for Mrs. Stone that I am not the only person in this world that acquires stuff. Stuff is good, stuff belongs, everyone should has some stuff. It keeps the shelving people in business, contributes to our economy.

That said, I still am working on getting the shop done. When it gets a little closer, I will post a picture to prove that I really do take my shop serious. May the profits be with you.


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