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Making it work

by Michael Stone

I had the privilege of talking with Scott Avery yesterday. Scott owns and runs Modern Tech Floors in Portland. Scott is one of our success stories, I love talking with him.

Scott told me that when we first started our coaching sessions roughly two years ago, he was looking for the next meal. That was his mindset and that was why his business was going nowhere in a hurry. He had a full time hobby. He also had a wife and two little boys to provide for.

We talked about the difference between having a good business and having a hobby. It is all attitude and Scott will be the first to tell you that. His attitude changed and with that change, his hobby became his business. He is now booked out several months.

Scott sells quality, value and service to the customer. He listens to what the customer wants, figures out what it will cost him to provide that service, and quotes a fair price for his work. Scott never worries about being competitive or any of that other nonsense that take contractors right out of this business.

I asked Scott what is the key element in attracting the right customers. He said, “It is all in the networking. Your attitude, how you project your professional image, dressing right, showing up on time, treating the customer with respect and doing what you say you are going to do.”

Amen to a great attitude.


Scott (not verified) /

Michael, I tell you that the key I have found is to drop all connection of "attitude" of what your business is and earn the sale. I started a while ago to just make this business black and white and it has been tremendous. As I have started to gauge profitability more and more my fuse for time wasted has shortened to nothing and it has been one of the biggest advancements in my business. I go in, measure and strike up a price based on a very thorough explanation of my service. I deliver accordingly to the terms and business is better and better. I think a lot of professionalism in making a sale has to do with vesting yourself in LISTENING to what the customer wants and becoming part of that vision with the customer in delivering your service. The best part of what you cultured in my attitude was not dealing with the "horseshit" that goes with people taking advantage of your time and generosity in this business.


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