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Make Business Happen Where You Are

by Michael Stone

"The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot." - Michael Altshuler

Does that say it all or what? I saw a post this morning on a forum from a guy who was about to move his family. His construction business has no work and he believes the answer is to move to a new location. The idea sounds good, but it's been my experience that this seldom solves the no-work problem.

The problem might not be the lack of jobs available. The problem might be that no one knows he exists. Is he advertising, maintaining a good website, does he have vehicle and yard signs and business cards, is he hustling and schmoozing as he should? If he's actively, continually promoting his business, he'd have the work he needs to take care of his family.

Instead he moves. Now he has to let folks know he's in town. So he has to get busy and start advertising in some of the local media. He'll need a website up and running. He'll need signs for his vehicle and his job sites, new business cards, and he'll have to get out in the community and start hustling for new work and schmoozing the new contacts. He'll have to do exactly what he should have done before he decided to move.

Which do you think would be easier?


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