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Help Your Fellow Contractor

by Michael Stone

A question I hear all too often is, "Why should I help educate my competition? I'd rather they went out of business so I got the work."

I have a simple answer, gang. Do it because it's good for the industry. That makes it good for you. As the image of the construction industry slowly changes from "flakes in pickup trucks that you can't trust" to "professional businesspeople who provide a good service at a fair price", your image improves along with it. As more contractors learn how to run a business, conduct themselves professionally and raise their prices from starvation or going-broke to a point they can make a good living, the industry benefits. And it makes it easier for you to charge a fair price for your work.

Share what you know about business with your competitors to help make them a better contractor. Three out of four contractors will not last four years. When they fail, too many have a mountain of debt and court judgments that end up in bankruptcy court. Your suppliers and fellow sub-contractors take the hit. It hurts us all.

Many contractors go into business after learning their trade - they are mechanics through and through. That's fine, but now they have to learn how to be business people, it's a different world. Give them some help; let them know about the resources available. If you do it for no other reason, do it so they can better feed, clothe and house their families. I wish you could listen to the phone calls I get from wives with kids to feed and clothe and no money available.

Give them a hand; it will make our world a little better place for us all to work in.


Well said!

I know if it wasn't for the insight I got for the last few years from blogs like this and some pro forums, I would still be down in the trenches wondering what I'm doing wrong.

Your suggestion would definatly help bring the wages up for everyone in this industry and that needs to happen.

I too wish more contractors educated themselves. And I take every opportunity I can to show my fellow contractor the right way to arrive at a sale price. Most think I'm nuts and charge too much. It's funny how the guys that say that are either always complaining that they do not have enough money or they have a spouse who makes enough to cover their losses!

Bob Burton (not verified) /

By improving our industry and our fellow contractors through conversations and specific advise it make the your company better as the bar go up and the flake drop off faster. The good guys will stand head and shoulders above the crowd and your competition that you assisted with information that helps him will turn out to be a reference. Believe me it works! We have had several competitors comment in our favor when asked by a prospective client, "we were about to contract our project to XX company, whats your thoughts on them, what have you heard about them"

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