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Every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better

by Michael Stone

You might have noticed that the current housing economy leaves a little to be desired. Don't count on the government to solve that problem. We have to take responsibility for and solve it ourselves.

"Confidence and enthusiasm are the greatest sales producers in any kind of economy." – O.B. Smith

If you apply that quote to yourself, it means you must maintain your enthusiasm about yourself, your family, your business and your customers. You must get and be excited about your ability to provide a service to others, and that excitement starts when your feet hit the floor in the morning. Someone once said that a fake smile is better than a sincere frown. Act enthusiastic and the rest of you will go along. Fake it if necessary, but let people know you are excited about hearing from, meeting and seeing them. Get involved in their project.

If you study one hour every day, you will develop the confidence you need to sell your services and, just as important, provide a quality job. Constantly apply yourself to the gentle art of doing everything just a little better. That's where confidence comes from. You know you can do the job, and it shows.

After you read this, add a note and tell us how you maintain your confidence and enthusiasm. What you say could help others get through this downturn.

Do what you are supposed to do, do it enthusiastically, and have confidence.

"Every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better." - Émile Coué


Keith Randall (not verified) /

I do believe that these are challanging times, but I can't think of a more rewarding time either. I hear of more business closing every day. If you can make it through this time then you are going to prosper when good times return. There is still work to be had out there, it is just a matter of selling your service. At the end of the day that is all any of us have. Remember, never take work just to keep people busy or to break even. I can stay at home and do this. If people are only interested in price then you don't want the job. My Dad had a saying "Oats that have been through the horse once come awful cheap". I think that people know this. Don't give up SELL SELL SELL.

Mitch Stanley (not verified) /

While these are certainly the most difficult times in our business that I have ever seen, I try to remember that this an opportunity I've never had. We have very good systems in place for selling and producing very good work and it shows in the happiness of all of our clients. What we haven't done well is marketing. We are now focusing very much on improving our marketing systems in a way that will be consistent and productive and I'm confident will provide good results regardless of the economy. So this is the opportunity this economic climate is providing us: To improve on something that will benefit us for long term success. To keep our spirits up, we continually keep ourselves surrounded with people in our industry who are positive, upbeat and have the same aspirations for success that we do. This is accomplished through active participation our local Remodelers Council as well as reading lots and lots of posts and articles by experienced people like Michael that helps keep me focused on the light at the end of the tunnel that continues to burn bright!

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