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Employee Behavior (or, the cons of smoking)

by Michael Stone

It pays well to watch how your employees conduct themselves around your customers. Some of the things that we accept as normal can be the very thing that sets a customer off and turns them from a good customer into the customer from hell.

I recently purchased cabinets from a small company for my wife's new sewing room addition. I drove to the shop when the cabinets had been completed to pick them up and bring them home. Three of the company employees were there to help load the cabinets. That was great. The problem was that all three had cigarettes stuck in their mug and proceeded to blow smoke in my face several times during the process of getting the cabinets onto my truck.

The owner of the company stood right there and watched them do it. Why he allowed that behavior is beyond me.

81% of Americans no longer smoke. If you smoke or your employees do, remember that. If you smoke around customers, you stand a good chance of alienating them. That is no way to gain referrals.


Ken Williams (not verified) /

This is sooo true! Thanks for the update.

Peter Hoveland (not verified) /

We are considering "no smoking" job sites, any advice would be great, smokers are very militant about "rights".


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