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by Michael Stone

We are getting to the end of our room addition. I have the finish trim to put on the door and windows, paint touch up and siding to hang. Devon and the girls were out last night so I was working in the addition. By default, I ended up puppy sitting Devon's puppy, a Miniature Schnauzer named Artemis.

I was installing some 16" deep wire shelving on one wall. The dog helped. I reached down for a pencil to mark the wall for some screw holes and the pencil was being devoured.

I rescued what was left of the pencil, chastised the mutt, and continued. I drilled two holes, and reached for my screwdriver. Not there. I looked across the room and there was Artemis chewing on the plastic handle. Stupid dog. I got up to go retrieve the screwdriver and stepped in a puddle. Wonder where that came from?

I changed my socks and came back to find the critter tearing open a plastic bag of fasteners for the shelving. Screws and anchors were everywhere. I grabbed the bag, reached for my hammer to dispatch that dumb misguided soul to a better place. She vanished.

We know that when Artemis disappears, there is trouble afoot. I can compare it to having a two year old in the house. Been there? Sure enough, I found her in the kitchen chewing on an expensive paintbrush. Why my brush?

I scolded again and was rewarded by a whine and a lick on my face. Has this ever happened to anyone else? Why me?

I may survive and get this addition done. Maybe. Next time I will have Devon buy a room addition from one of the big box stores. It would be much easier.



Perfect opportunity to practice what you preach.

Dawg goes into closed cage/kennel area after paragraph 3.

Rest of story would have been MUCH different, right?........

Michael Stone /


Right. Story would have been different. But since I sleep with the homeowner, who loves her dawg, I would have been in trouble either way!

Stupid dawg.



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