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Contractors - Don't Do It All Yourself

by Michael Stone

I've talked before about not trying to be all things to all people. That includes trying to do everything yourself. There is just too much that a contractor needs to do to be able to wear all the hats in the company.

If you own a construction business, it's important that you do what you are good at doing - and pay the other guy to do what they do best. Trying to do everything yourself seldom gets you the best results. Construction business owners go this route for two reasons: false economy and "no one can do it better than me".

One example is your website. Unless you've had extensive training on designing and building a web site, pay an expert to do that work for you. Spending countless hours trying to do the work yourself, or maybe having one of your office staff do the work, often leads to frustration when the website produces few if any new leads. It's one thing to get a website up and running - it's another to have it optimized so you can be found on the web. If a website isn't producing leads, it's not the buying public who is to blame. The website needs fixing.

Another example is trying to do your own mechanical work on your vehicles. If you were to place a value on your time and keep track of the time you spend fussing under the hood of your vehicles, you'll see you seldom save money compared to what it costs to pay a professional mechanic. Even worse, this kind of thinking pollutes your mindset. If you are thinking "cheap", it will spill over into your sales calls and your potential clients will pick up on it. And you'll start hearing that your prices are too high.

Look at Cardinal Rule # 4: You should keep your ego in your pocket. While we all like to believe we are the best at everything, it's not the truth. Think it through. Pay the other guy to do what he does best. You go do what you do best.


I'm working on shedding a few hats.It's time to become a better salesman,I think I found my replacement in the field.
I really got a lot out of your seminar last week,thanks again.


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