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Congratulations on Remodeling Magazine's Big 50!

by Michael Stone

We are so excited that three of our clients have been selected to the Remodeling Magazine Big 50 this year!

Adams Construction in Jeffersonville, Indiana, Burgin Construction in Santa Ana, California and Jacob S. Meck Construction in Green Bank, West Virginia are three of the Big 50 this year. All three companies are coaching clients and we are so proud of them. They do residential remodeling work and have a high percentage of their work coming from referrals from past customers, friends and associates in this business. They work at generating referrals as diligently as they do building jobs that they and their customers can be proud of. All three businesses are run by professionals. We want to congratulate them on their achievement of being selected to the Big 50, and for the service they provide their customers.

Remodeling Magazine is holding the Big 50 Conference this weekend in Alexandria, Virginia. As part of the advertisement for this conference, the brochure said, "This year's Remodeling Leadership Conference is designed to give you the tools you need to move beyond survival mode and prepare to thrive in the incoming economic recovery."

It might be a bit premature to talk about "the incoming economic recovery" but we can tell you that three companies we know of in the select group are not worried about surviving.

Congratulations to Thad Adams of Adams Construction, Brad and Rhonda Burgin of Burgin Construction, and Jacob and Malinda Meck of Jacob S. Meck Construction! Way to go!

Left to right: Jacob and Malinda Meck, Brad and Rhonda Burgin, Thad Adams


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