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Changes in the Construction Market

by Michael Stone

A comment came in from an association exec the other day. He was telling me that several months ago he had tried to get his association members to submit bids for long term building maintenance contracts at a local military base.

He couldn't get anyone interested. They were all too busy. Now the local economy is slowing down and those very same contractors are asking if that work is still available and how they might submit bids on it.

This is a typical approach to business by too many contractors. Blowing off business because they are too busy, and then scrambling.

You need a business plan. You need to set sales and production goals. You need a good marketing program that includes regular advertising. You need to work every day on your education.

Business always goes well, and then swings down. If you are running your business as you should, you will continue to do well. If you haven't been doing the things you need to do, we wish you well at whatever it is you decide to do next.


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