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Business Management Classes for Contractors

by Michael Stone

Another JLC Live (Journal of Light Construction) show took place in Portland, Oregon last week. I spoke to over 200 contractors in four classes and, as usual, enjoyed myself.

What always interests me is the ratio of contractors that attend classes on production-related issues compared to management issues. Production-related classes attract five or six times as many contractors as classes on business management issues. Management problems are responsible for a majority of construction-related business failures - production problems seldom cause business failure. Yet contractors flock to production classes and ignore the business classes.

Be sure that you don't fall into that trap when you attend a convention or other educational program. Stay focused on the real trouble spots in construction. Don't just attend a class because you want to, focus on subjects that will make the biggest difference in your bottom line.


Robert Zeis Jr (not verified) /

Michael, I have been thinking along the production line my whole life. I have just turned 50 on Monday, the last year has been a kind of epiphany for me. The management end is where I have been the weakest and it has cost me dearly over the years. "If I only work harder, I will make more money." I am ready to start making some needed changes in how I run my business. Thanks for your Blog and Books. Robert / Sonoma West Landscape & Const.

Michael Stone /


And a happy birthday to you sir. I wish I were 50 again.

You have discovered a truth that few in this business ever do. About the only thing one gets from working harder, is tired.

Working smarter is the key, and may the profits be with you.


Happy Birthday Robert....

I have been in this business a long time. My business did not do decent until I started to get my financial house in order, and that basically took a severe financial beating and 6 years of night classes to get close to an AA in Business Administration.

I went to a seminar the last 2 days for the Oregon Landscape Contractors Assocation. I attended the business seminars and sent my 2 forepersons to the technical stuff. I won't be doing that kind of work, so no sense me going to that.

I have a ways to go in restructuring my business model for the next year, but I reached out this year for help, to guys like Michael, his recommendations for Dave Ramsey's help, and some others I have sought out as well.

The next years model is necesaery to get going, but an overall strategic plan to get my money out and built up over the next 12 years is next on the plan.


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