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Advertising Works!

by Michael Stone

I know I sometimes beat a dead horse, but I want to share something that has come back over the phone during the last week.

Four coaching clients, all unsolicited, told me "Thank You" for encouraging them to advertise over the last year. All four are now busy while still making their full markup on every job they sell. One told me yesterday, "I can't thank you enough for kicking me in the butt and encouraging me to advertise. Our business continues to grow and do well."

The last overhead item to cut is your advertising expense.


I would love to hear what advertising/marketing tactics are working for your 4 coaching clients. We haven't been seeing very good responses on our end and would love to hear others experience with different methods of generating business. For example, on-line lead services like service magic and reliable remodeler and postcard mailings both to neighborhoods and to target demographics have gone from OK producers to horrible sources over the last 2 years. Angies list has also been a good source in the past but hasn't been productive over the last year. Keeping in touch with past clients through postcard newsletters and occasional phones calls are hard to directly tie to business but we are seeing some repeat business so hopefully those tactics are contributing to that. I look forward to hearing other peoples experiences.


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