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Advertise Your Construction Services With Pictures

by Michael Stone

I taught a class in Kansas on May 20, and a young fellow who attended owns a company called Absolute Basement Finishing. Darren Salyer works in and around the St. Louis, Missouri area. When you spend a little time with him, as we were fortunate enough to do, you see quickly why he's doing well. He has a quick smile, he's easy to talk with and he knows how to schmooze.

He's built a successful business doing one thing: remodeling basements. That's his niche. He can and will do other things, but he is good at basements, has promoted that line of work and now gets calls daily from the folks in his area that know when you want a basement remodeled, you call Darren at Absolute Basement Finishing.

And it shows in his advertising, you can see the pictures of his van. The van has photos on both sides and the back, and his company name and number are everywhere – as they should be. He keeps it clean and in good running order. The pictures on his van are called a "wrap", I've talked about the value of advertising on your vehicles often, and this is an outstanding example. Darren said that not a day goes by that he doesn't have someone walk up to him while he's getting in or out of his van and ask for his business card. He has actually had people ask him to set an appointment while he was sitting in the van. How much better does it get?

Now that's professional.


He looks yo young to be so successful.

Absolutely shows what you can accomplish when you go with your strengths.

I have had the pleasure of interacting with Darren online, he surely does know his stuff!

So I'm getting fuel a couple days ago, and as I'm paying, an older guy asks if thats my "basement van" outside.
Great guy, we chat for a couple minutes or so.

He asks for some cards, and when I hand him a couple, he says "No, I want some cards."

Seems hes a retired builder and wants to find one company to refer, rather than referring single trades to friends wanting their basements finished. I'm thinking "yeah right, how often do you do that?" I gave him 20-30 anyway.

Later that same day, I set an appointment with a friend of his looking for their basement to get finished.

Now, for the egg on my face, I know his name is James and he's seen my "vans" ( I currently only have 1.) everywhere and is impressed, but I have no contact info.

I'll be asking the homeowner for his info so I can get in touch and show my appreciation.

You just never know when or where.....

In my opinion, its some of the best money I've ever spent.

By the way Michael, Thank you for the nice comments, and I wanted to add how much I enjoyed your seminar.
Even after a couple decades in this business, there are still things to learn, and you did a great job teaching me those things.


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