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Chris Widener is one of my favorite motivators. Chris always has good things to say, he recently wrote:

“When I was in college, I heard someone say something that has been with me ever since. It was something that demonstrated to me a positive attitude and the choice to take something that most people dread, and change it into a motivating factor.”

“He called the alarm clock the ‘opportunity clock.'”

“When does an alarm go off? When something bad is happening! Well, waking up isn’t bad. Waking up is good! In fact, waking up is an opportunity. Each new day brings with it the opportunity to enjoy our families and other people. It enables us the opportunity to work hard, and earn a living that will enable us in turn to provide for others and ourselves. Each day brings us the opportunity to help others and serve them in such a way to make our communities better places. We get the opportunity again to dream and achieve those dreams. We have the opportunity to bask in the glory at the top of the mountain or learn valuable lessons as we walk through the valley. What opportunities!” “

It’s all in the perspective and attitude folks. I bet you can’t wait to go to bed tonight and set your opportunity clock for tomorrow morning!”

After a life threatening bout with cancer a few years ago, I can say first hand that waking up each morning is a terrific experience. Time is precious and not to be wasted, I try to enjoy every minute of every day.

Are you getting the most out of your day? Are you taking advantage of your time here, to do your best, both for yourself and your family? This isn’t a practice round, let’s get in and get it done.

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