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We are rapidly approaching the time of year when you should review and update your employee manual.

To begin, think back over everything that’s happened this year concerning your employees. What problems did you have to address? What situations got sticky, or where were you concerned that something could become a problem? Start a list and write them down as you think of them.

Next, review your existing employee manual to make sure what is written is what you are doing. Use your experience from this year to add policies as needed to the manual. You want an updated employee manual complete so that when you start conducting your annual employee reviews, you can have them sign a new employee manual for next year.

The more thought you give to this process, the fewer problems you will have during the year. A quick once over will not get the job done. “CYA” (cover your assets) is your goal when it comes to telling your employees what you expect from them and letting them know what they can expect from you.

We added a number of new policies to our Employee Manual last summer. You can review the Table of Contents, and if you are a prior purchaser, drop a note to devon@markupandprofit.com, we’ll forward the new policies to you.

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