Develop your speaking skills. And the best way to do that is to volunteer to speak to groups and share your knowledge of construction related issues. You’ll become a better and more confident speaker, your listeners will gain information they need, and it will benefit your business.

Depending on your knowledge, this could be a good match for you but you need to be prepared. By being prepared I mean that if you are given the opportunity to speak to a group, you must make sure you can communicate your subject and your ideas clearly. You probably know the nuts and bolts of the construction industry well enough to talk about it. More often than not, the problem is the speaking end of things. Becoming a speaker that folks are willing to sit and listen to takes a lot of preparation, practice and work.

Preparation and practice: You pick your subject carefully. Don’t try to talk about something you are vaguely familiar with, stick to what you know. Trying to BS your way through a presentation will alienate your listeners.

Don’t wing it. Make an outline, and fill in the blanks to form a well-rounded speech. Practice it by yourself a number of times until you get it right. You’ll know it’s right when you like everything you hear yourself saying. If something isn’t clear, you’ll know it as soon as you’ve said it. Stop, make the adjustment, and do it again until it’s right. Next give the presentation to someone close who won’t mind listening and critiquing. If they make suggestions on how to make the presentation better, don’t argue . . . make the changes.

When you are ready, give your talk. A well-rounded presentation can be used many times for many different groups. I knew a very well-known radio personality in our area who told me he’d given his “state of the economy” speech literally hundreds of times over the years to all kinds of different groups. He always got rave reviews. But he practiced it until he got every line right.

Remember that you are also doing this to attract new business. Don’t miss the opportunity to tell your audience that you are willing to talk to other groups as well. And be sure to give everyone a business card and other promotional info. If your talk includes a handout, be sure the handout has full contact information for your company.

When you can promote your construction business and improve your personal skills at the same time, do it.

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Damian Amodeo
Damian Amodeo
July 3, 2012 1:54 am

I recently joined a business network group which includes business owners of all types but only one of each type of business. There is about 23 of us and we meet every other Friday morning. Every meeting includes a presentation, normally from one of the members. I have never spoken to a group that size before but I am looking forward to challenging myself. Your post only solidifies my position to take the lead and speak to the group.

Thanks Michael!

June 26, 2012 9:29 am

Its really important you know

Its really important you know well your business product or services so that the listener will be convinced what’s being offered.

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