I had a call the other day from a contractor here on the west side of our great country. He is doing a job on a Time and Material Contract, and the client is constantly complaining about his prices. He is “too high”, he is “exorbitant”, his price is “way out of line”.

I told the contractor to tell the client to find someone else to do his work. “Fire the guy” is close to the actual term I used.

You don’t need someone questioning your prices and you absolutely don’t need the knots in your stomach that people like this can give you.

Forget Cost Plus and T & M contracts. Those are nothing more than a problem waiting to happen. Give the nice folks a firm fixed price quotation and if they don’t like your price, let them go find someone else.

Take care of yourself and your family. If the potential customer doesn’t like your price, be happy. They are telling you right up front they are going to be a problem and it is better you find out before you sign a contract with them.

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