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Someone asked the other day about sending cards or notes to old clients. They wanted to know what could be said that would be of interest to the client.

First, remember that any contact with your existing client base is good. They will be happy to know you remember them.

Email is popular and has replaced most handwritten notes, but handwritten notes are so much better. I try to send handwritten Thank You cards at least three times a week. It takes a few minutes but I’ve never had a complaint and the comments we get back are interesting.

As to what you should say, remember it’s a note, not a letter. Just a simple thank you for trusting you in the past, and asking them to give you a call if they need anything else. Add a business card so they have your contact info, handwrite the envelope and mail it.

You can also tell them about an upcoming special sale at a supply house, an event in town where your business will be featured, or anything else that’s applicable if you want. But be careful about giving advice – if you sent me a note telling me to remember to clean the dirt off my siding or fencing, I’d think you’d just driven by and saw a mess. I’d be insulted. Save that for a newsletter.

Stay in front of your clients, it’s a great way to build your referral network.

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