Ever notice the amount of new information that shows up each day? It is unbelievable how much is available to us now.

How do you stay on top of it? Frankly, I’m not sure it’s possible to stay ahead. But we can’t just run and hide. It’s important to stay informed on what matters. Our client’s want the latest and greatest, and that means staying on top of the new designs, new materials, and methods of installing all the products available. So what can you do?

You’ve heard me say many times that you need to read an hour a day. That may not be enough. We can read books, magazines, newspapers, blogs, and newsletters and mosey around the forums to see what tidbits of expertise we can gather. It’s time consuming and not always productive, but we have to make the effort.

One of the best sources of product related information that I’ve found is the Fine Homebuilding web site. They have a ton of articles and videos you can read and watch. A video can translate a lot more info in a much shorter time. I love watching “A Better Way” with Chuck Miller in the Fine Homebuilding web site. Chuck does such a good job of sharing an easier way of doing stuff around the shop or on the job. He makes every project look easy.

Develop a list of places to visit and to keep it simple, break the visits up into a few each day. If you aren’t a member of our Construction Business Owners Group, join us and find out what everyone else is learning about.

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Side Effect
June 23, 2012 4:20 am

These tips also helped me in my business. I saved a lot of money using these tips.

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