At the National Tile Contractors Association national convention this fall, I sat in on a class about social media and how it can benefit your business.

One of the subjects that came up was the abuse of social media. More and more business owners are recognizing that their office employees are spending too much time on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter and the rest of the social sites out there in cyber land.

Now, I’ve talked a lot about cutting off mobile phone use on the job site. Only the job superintendent should have access to a phone on the jobsite during working hours. Business owners who put this edict in place see an immediate jump in production from their field employees.

The same holds with the office staff. Turn the mobile phones off and leave them off during working hours AND…no social networking of any kind on company time unless they are handling the marketing, and then only when performing marketing functions.

If you don’t think this is a problem in your office, get one of those tracking programs that record the use of each computer in your office. Using company time to do anything other than company business is wrong.

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Scott Avery
Scott Avery
December 25, 2010 6:43 pm

I have to laugh about Social

I have to laugh about Social Media in many ways because many people haven’t figured out how much time they lose while staying on the sites. There are people who will dedicate hours a day to social media in an attempt to grow business, yet they have a lot of work that could be done on their website marketing and content development. 2 hours a week max is even excessive to stay present in social media. Face to face networking still matters most for contractors and service people compared to cyber space networking

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