I spoke this morning with a client who purchased our Markup & Profit book and class and Profitable Sales Book and Video a year ago. He lost his copy of Profitable Sales, A Contractor’s Guide.

He told me he’s selling 90% of the calls he goes on – and he owes the success of the business he and his father are operating to what he learned from the books and videos. Some of what he said –

“What do you need to be a successful salesperson? Self-confidence and emotional control. How do you get that? Knowledge.”

“People pay thousands of dollars for self-help seminars, traveling across the country to sit and listen to someone tell them what to do – they can buy these videos for $300, listen at home wearing their bunny slippers and learn more than they’d get in a 4-year college education!”

“These books have changed our business and our lives – Michael is a genius.”

Thank you, Phillip! If anyone in Texas finds a copy of Profitable Sales, A Contractor’s Guide covered with highlighting, let us know, it belongs to him.

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Bob Isleib
Bob Isleib
December 9, 2009 9:15 pm

I first attended Mike’s class in 1999 when I first started my business. I am amazed at the amount of contractors that have never studied sales. Some have prospered but a lot of the “I never advertise” guys are sitting around with nothing to do now. I have continually advertised and marketed my business for the following 10 years and I am ending my best year ever. Sales and marketing is imperative. The business gurus are invaluable. What can you learn from going to a seminar versus just reading the book? A boatload. Everything you do is selling yourself, branding… Read more »

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