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Ever been around someone whose foul mouth offends you? I’m not talking about their breath, I’m talking about their language. Do you have a potty-mouthed employee who is offending your clients, subs, suppliers and maybe even your other employees?

First, be sure this individual isn’t you. If it is, you need to find the self-discipline to clean up your language. Learn a new vocabulary. It’s a tough dragon to slay, I know, because I have dealt with it my whole life.

What if it’s one of your employees? The subject of profanity should be discussed in your employee manual. It needs to be a written policy that profanity on the job is not tolerated. We all understand that there is a difference between the ongoing use of profanity and what happens when your thumb has an encounter with a hammer. If an employee is expressing their displeasure with pain, it’s not fair to give them more pain if they happen to let a few colorful words fly.

My wife used to tell me that swearing is like passing gas. You feel better, but everyone around you has to deal with what you just did. Having to listen to foul language can be disturbing. And the last thing you want are clients, subs, suppliers or other employees who are continually disturbed by your language or the language of your employees.

So clean it up gang. If there’s a bar in town that specializes in foul language, that is the place to go. When you are on the job site, with or without clients nearby, speak nicely.

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