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We receive newsletters every week from construction-related companies around the US and Canada. Some of these newsletters have great content, we applaud all of you who are using a newsletter as a communication and marketing tool.

But very few of these newsletters make it easy for potential clients to contact them. Gang, if your readers can’t find your phone number easily, they are not going to call. I even received one newsletter recently with NO phone number at all. Another one had the phone number buried in one of the articles, and it was so small I couldn’t read it.

Your company name, in nice big bold font, should be at the very top of your newsletter. Right under it or very nearby should be your phone number in a font that is also large and easy to read. 8, 10, 12 point font is okay for the young kids with good eyes. However, when you get to be my age, also the age of most of your customers with money to pay for your service, you need a bigger font. Phone numbers should be in a minimum of 16-point font and larger if you have the room and they should be on the top of your newsletter, NOT ON THE BOTTOM.

It’s common sense – make it easy for your customers to call.

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