Today, with email and the internet, we have nearly instant communication. But there is a down side to this rapid give and take, and that is miscommunication.

I read a note recently from a nice young man. I read it wrong, blew a cork, sent Devon a note to put a curse on him and deleted him from my machine. The problem was that I read it wrong – he wasn’t being mean or nasty at all. Big mistake on my part and there I sat, egg all over my face.

I should have set the note aside and asked for a second opinion from Devon before I blew my cork. I’d have saved myself all the time fussing and fuming about a dastardly deed that was never even committed.

Our Construction Business Owners Group has a few rules:

No soliciting (don’t try to sell anything)

No swearing (that means NO swearing of any kind)

No flaming (don’t be nasty to anyone, for any reason)

Be nice (that means be nice)

Those are good rules to follow in all communications. This was a great wake up call for me. Stop, breathe, ask for clarification, then respond.

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