I had an interesting experience this last week. I had a couple of young guys at my place working on our front gate.

I asked why they weren’t setting the post they were scheduled to set for the keypad. The young man said to me, “Your ditch is too wide, I don’t know how I am going to set the post. Besides, I don’t have time right now, I have another job scheduled that I have to get to.” What a treat to hear that someone else’s project was more important than mine.

I had dug a 12″ by 30″ trench for the electrical and phone line before they arrived. It was clear that the young man could only think in terms of his 6″ auger normally used to dig the hole for his post.

I dearly hope you have had a talk with your employees, and maybe even yourself to be sure this never happens on your job(s). That is no way to treat a customer. You can rest assured that the owner of that company is going to get an earful when we speak next.

It helps to be on the “customer” end of the business relationship now and then, to see life from the other side. Right now, I don’t like what I’m seeing!

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Craig @ To The T Construction
Craig @ To The T Construction
August 3, 2008 11:08 pm

Ouch….poor management. Ouch….poor management. Sounds like who was on top may have not set up the field crew with good instruction. Company meeting! Side note: another place to keep your perspective is in the writing of emails to clients. Write them, read them, re-write them if necessary, and read them again before sending them out. Read your outgoing e-mails as if someone else wrote them to you and you are the client. Some e-mails deserve a quick follow up phone call to be sure the recipient has gained a verbal perspective of what they’re recieving via email. I recently viewed… Read more »

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