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I have talked to any number of construction company owners over the last couple of weeks that are having problems with scheduling, getting jobs done, getting the right people to the right jobs, etc.

A little more discussion normally brings to light the crux of the problem. The same problem has haunted those in construction since the first shelter was built for pay. The problem? Lack of delegation.

We let our egos get in the way. We want to be sure everything is right; no mistakes made, a perfect job, yada yada. If we do it, it will be done right. The only way to have a perfect job is if we are there.

Here is the solution. Delegate. Give the jobs to the people you are paying to do the job, get out of the way and let them do their job. If they start asking you questions, your answer is . . . “Joe, take care of it.” More questions: . . . “Joe, I am paying you to think and to get the job done. Take care of it.” Then walk away. Force them to do the job you are paying them to do. Stop bailing them out. Make them earn the money you are paying them to do the job.

Will they make mistakes? Of course. Will it cost you money? Of course. But here is where most contractors let their ego get in the way. They think it is cheaper (and better) to do the job themselves. Nope, not true. Your time spent doing Joe’s job is actually costing you more money. You need to do your job and make Joe do his. The time you spend doing your job will earn more than enough to offset the cost of the mistakes that Joe will make. Let him make the mistakes. When done, let him figure out what went wrong and the mistakes will disappear.

You do your job, insist that Joe do his and you will find very quickly that you and your company will start getting jobs done on schedule.

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