The top two complaints about contractors are that they don’t return their phone calls and they show up late (if at all) for appointments.

So, have you been making excuses or are you returning phone calls promptly? And how often do you show up for appointments at the time you said you’d be there?

On my list of Ten Cardinal Rules, these are the first two.

Cardinal Rule # 1: You shall return all phone calls the same day or by 9 am the next day. It’s not optional. That means returning all phone calls, not just the names that you recognize or potential clients you are courting. You return every call, every time, on time. Even if you know it’s someone who is upset, because the sooner you deal with the problem, the sooner the problem is solved. You don’t return calls if you have the time. You take the time to return every phone call, on time.

Cardinal Rule # 2: You shall keep all appointments and on time. When you set that appointment, you made a promise. Breaking promises is not how a business grows. Since you promised to be somewhere at a certain time, it’s no longer optional. If you’re going to be five minutes late, you call and let them know. Promises matter.

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