Saturday evening we watched our high school football team play in the first round of the state playoffs. Our team is ranked #3 in the state, our opponents were ranked #4. We were undefeated, they had lost one tight game to the #1 ranked team. It had all the makings of a good game, and it was.

Our all-league quarterback was out with a broken leg. One of our top runners was injured early in the first quarter. Our opponent clearly had the bigger kids on both offense and defense, and they matched our players for speed.

It boiled down to who wanted the game more. We did. We played hard on every play, and pushed the bigger kids out of the way to get to their ball carriers. Our total offensive yardage for the evening was almost double theirs and, as you’d expect, we won the game, 20-13.

As I was watched those young people playing, I thought about what a great lesson they’ve learned. They learned that being determined matters. When a call went against them, a pass was intercepted, a fumble made, they shook it off and went back and fought. Setbacks didn’t stop them, setbacks made them fight harder. When the going got tough, the tough got going.

Our kids also had a great support group – the crowd. Every time the other team had a 3rd down and yards to go, we were helping our team with all we had. The cheerleaders couldn’t keep up with the crowd.

Sometimes determination is hard to find, and we try to be the crowd cheering you on. How determined are you? Do you still want to make your business a success, and are you willing to give it all you have? Or, have you given up and quit?

I love a good game.

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