If you want others to know about your business, have you considered lending a hand to those who need it? It can be a good way to promote your company.

There are many potential avenues to choose, but we’ll look at a few we’ve heard of that might bring you some new business.

Have you let the media know that you are available to answer construction related questions about and in your work area? Keep a local focus and deal with local issues. You’ll be providing a public service, and getting your company name out there at the same time.

You’ve heard of shows like Extreme Home Makeover. Have you considered getting involved in similar projects? Many communities have a smaller scale program, and I’ve heard from many that they felt their involvement with these projects gave them very good local and regional exposure. Or, on your own, you might find people who need ramps or alterations to their homes due to disabilities. Can you help them?

Many of the larger cities have homeless shelters. Without even asking, I’m sure they need help with their facilities. You might not get a lot of business exposure, but helping out with their facilities can make you feel good about making someone else’s life a bit easier.

At our local high school, someone volunteered to help get risers built for the music department. This person isn’t a contractor, but he saw the need and volunteered. He had a nice write up in the local paper and I’m sure a local contractor is wishing he’d thought of that first.

Promote yourself and your company every chance you get. Helping those in need is a good way to do that, and you’ll feel good about what you’re doing. Volunteer.

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