Always give clients options. When it comes to prices, they have the option of good, better and best. Too many sales people fail to give options, then wonder why they hear “your price is too high”, or “we want to think about it” and all the other put-offs that clients use to keep from making a decision.

Getting clients to “yes” is the job of a salesperson, or at least that should be their main focus. The easier we make it for a client to say yes, the better. So instead of giving them a proposal that says, “Here is what I think is best for you, Mr. and Mrs. Client”, isn’t it better to let them pick and choose what they think is best for them? It’s easier, and they’ll be happier.

If you ask enough questions, you can get fairly close to what your potential client wants. Let’s say they want a kitchen remodel. They talk about all kinds of stuff including tile floors, Sub-Zero refers, G.E. dishwashers, black walnut cabinets, plastic knobs and pulls from Lowe’s, etc. You know that some of these are very expensive and some aren’t, but they don’t. They also don’t know that this design could become a nightmare. Your job is to help them have select products that are at least in the same quality and price framework, the quality and price framework they want, so that they don’t have high-end, expensive selections schmoozing with a bunch of plastic misfit junk.

You do this by giving them three price ranges for their work, starting with the medium range, then the high end and then a low range, just as it’s outlined in our book, Profitable Sales; A Contractor’s Guide, pages 96-108.

Ask questions, offer the good – better – best price ranges, and design accordingly. Substitute, add, delete, do what you need to do so that their selections are brand, color and quality matched within their range. Make sure they understand that if they want the best, it will cost more, so they aren’t surprised when they see the final price.

This isn’t rocket science gang; it’s a matter of asking questions and giving options so the client knows what they are choosing. It’s sales.

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November 15, 2013 3:43 pm

This is a great idea, one we started doing a couple years ago. I think it has really increased our work load. It works better if you let the client choose the “extras” instead of starting out with them in your bid.

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