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Often our coaching clients complain that their employees are not getting jobs done in the time estimated. If your employees consistently take longer than you estimated, you need to change your method of estimating. The human body can only work so fast.

It’s an amazing phenomenon – as we hang our own shingle out and become the boss, the time needed to do a job decreases rapidly.

The problem is caused by worrying about the sales price. In an attempt to reduce the sales price, you reduce the time estimates to build the job. Then, to remain profitable, you hound your employees or, if you are doing the work yourself, you rush and do a lousy job.

You can’t sell on price. I discuss this many times and many places, but if you are selling on price, you won’t survive.

Don’t expect your employees to produce work at any better than 75% to 80% of the time it would take you to do the same job. With this approach, you will soon find your estimates in line with the time taken to get jobs done.

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