I have recently read comments regarding non-compete clauses in an employee manual. The issue with these clauses is the length of time covered.

I read several months ago that if you put a non-compete clause in your employee manual, it should be limited to 90 to 120 days. The writer’s opinion was that judges would probably throw out any agreement with a longer time frame of enforcement. The thinking is, “A person has a right to make a living.”

So, what say you? Do you have information to the contrary? Please send us a note and let’s see if there is a consensus out there.

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Steven Madole
Steven Madole
January 5, 2009 5:49 am

I work in a small market niche doing remodeling for people that love old houses. Lots of Contractors say they do restoration and historical styles but there is only one other contractor in the metro area whose work is on a par with ours. As there is an enormous amount of specialized knowledge that has been gathered and used in the firm, I would be very upset if an employee opened up a competing operation within a year of leaving our shop. I wouldn’t care if he did remodeling of any other sort, but to go into restoration and historic… Read more »

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