Do you know who you are sending out to your job sites? Do you run background checks before you hire employees? It’s time to start.

You can’t tell about a person’s background by their looks, how they part their hair or what kind of car they drive. And there are some things you want to know. You can’t be too careful.

I don’t know how much you can find out in your state, but if possible, your criminal background check should include making sure they have a legal driving license, driving history, and any convictions, especially if they involve theft or any sex offenses. If you are sending them to a job site, you need to know the owners (and family members) at the job site will be safe.

This is an expense and effort you need to expend to protect yourself, your company, your other employees and your clients. Suppose someone on your staff was a convicted pedophile. You send them to a job site and they molest a young person. You might or might not be liable legally (I’m not an attorney) but what do you suppose will happen to your company reputation when the media gets ahold of it? The only phone calls you’ll get after that will be from the media and bill-collectors.

If possible, run the checks on both current and prospective employees. Get it done gang, it is cheap insurance.

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