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One of the things I hear from contractors all too often is that they send out a mailing piece, or they place an ad in a newspaper or magazine and they get little or no response. The same could be said for websites. They spend money building their website and they get few if any calls.

If you aren’t getting a response to your advertising, either printed or on the web, you aren’t connecting with your potential clients. You must connect with them.

The first connection you make with them is your company name. Your potential clients first want to know if you can do their job. Does your company name tell them what you do and how you can help them? Jim Hardy Construction only tells the client you are in the business of building. But, building what? Jim’s Unique Kitchens, Jim’s Kitchens Overnight, Jim’s High-End Kitchens says tons more about you and your company.

Your potential client’s expectations of quality are almost always higher than a contractor’s, so the smart contractor will avoid even talking about quality. Besides, can you define it? Your definition will be different than other contractors and we can guarantee it will be different than your clients. Show photos of jobs you’ve done. Get testimonials from previous clients. That will answer the quality question.

The client also wants to know that you will build their job in a reasonable time frame and at a fair price. Do you address those issues in your advertising? This is not about what you think is important or what you like, it is about what the client wants. If you are going to connect with them, you must answer the questions they have in mind when they read your ad or the home page on your website. Real Estate is location, location, location. Construction advertising is connection, connection, connection.

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