Is the customer always right? Hardly. But a wise and prudent business owner will make sure their client never feels they’re being taken advantage of or they’re wrong on some issue.

You might consider developing a “Customer Bill of Rights” for your company. A little research on the Internet will get you started down that path. This is one of those projects that will never be done perfectly, but you need to get started and refine it over time. Not only is a bill of rights important to your client, it’s also important to your employees and yourself. Review it with your employees to be sure they understand it, and also to let you know if/when something needs to be added.

Some of the better lists I’ve seen have been written in the third party, like “Our customers have the right to call us with any issue that might arise. In turn (Contractor) will respond within ___hours to start the process of resolution.” Some of the issues you may want to be sure are covered is the time frame the company will respond to phone calls and/or emails, no radios (or no loud radios), no oil drips from vehicles on the driveway, jobs will be kept clean, neighbors will be notified before any major noisy events, don’t expect exterior work on nasty weather days, we are not pet or child baby sitters, etc.

These might all be common sense to you, but remember we do this stuff every day, our clients don’t. They don’t know what is right or wrong, good or bad. It’s your job to help them understand the process and what they can expect from you. Put it in writing and put everyone’s mind at ease.

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Keith McGorlick
August 23, 2012 2:58 pm

Thanks for this post Michael! Great advice as usual! I implemented it immediately! Great idea, also I amended the employee manual to include our “Customer Bill of Rights” as a “sign off” page that every employee needs to sign that they understand how they are expected to behave when dealing with our clients. I’ve included a link to the updated web page if others would like to take some inspiration from it.
Thanks again,

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