If you want to become successful and build your business, become recognized as an expert. At one thing. In your market, you want to be known as the expert at the one type of job that provides you the highest profit margins of all the work you do.

You do that by identifying what projects are profitable for you. Are your bathroom remodels most profitable? Kitchen remodels? Deck building? Look at what you and your crew build most efficiently, and focus on it.

Find the best materials to use on those jobs. Connect with the best subcontractors in your area. But most important of all, you need to attract these jobs.

Do that by promoting that type of work above and beyond anything and everything else you do. These jobs are promoted first, last and always. Those jobs are featured on your website, vehicle signage, and job signs, everywhere. These jobs are what your elevator speech is all about.

It takes time (maybe a year or a little more) to gain the local recognition you need, but once you get that recognition, you will be the company to call when a potential client thinks about having this type work done.

We all know that it isn’t possible to be good at everything, and the buying public knows that, too. When you can do everything, you are average. Those who want a job done well are looking for a specialist, someone who does what they want on a regular basis and knows how to do it well.

Zig Zigler says, “Are you a meaningful specific or a wandering generality?” Quit wandering and get specific.

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