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Hello Michael,

I am a small remodeling contractor and I started my company in 2008 just after graduating from the Construction Engineering Management program at ___. I gained field experience prior to starting my college career and also took on internships in different aspects of engineering and construction while earning my diploma.

But I have gained more real life “how to” information from the books I have read (Profitable Sales & Markup and Profit) than in my entire time at ___. No offense to ___ and their CEM program, I owe them a tremendous amount as it was a crucial building block in my career. However your books contain what they do not teach at school………how to fight and earn your profits in this business.

As soon as I read “Profitable Sales” it seriously felt like you had been walking around following me for the last 4 years. I kept thinking “how the hell does this guy know where I am screwing up?” Anyway Michael in summation, thank you. We just wrapped up our first 6 figure remodel ($195,576) and have more 5 figure projects coming up this winter to keep us going and the best part is we are making money and our clients are happy. We still have more of your techniques to implement that will drive our business even further and we are looking forward to a productive and profitable 2013.

All the best,

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