A positive note received from a coaching client over the weekend –

“Things are going well; we have likely never worked harder on marketing; and its paying off. We just signed our largest project ever at $1.6M…even in this market! We have remained positive; we are having to (confirm) our pricing for some; but you will be happy to know I have moved up my margins from 1.38-1.4 to 1.45-1.50…it’s taking some very creative salesmanship…not the least of which comes from your sales video. In the last few months we have sold $1.3M worth of projects…plus our record $1.6M project. We have been working though since late 2008 on these projects…they just all closed in a short time frame.”

Working hard at marketing – knowing how to sell. You can do it, too. (If you don’t have the Profitable Sales book and video, you can get the book here and watch the video here.)

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