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7 Keys to Marketing Success

Kyle Hunt of Remodel Your Marketing begins this session by jumping up on his 'Soapbox' to talk about how you are FLOODED with marketing ideas and choices. You don't LACK ideas or marketing options. The PROBLEM is that you likely struggle with understanding what to do NEXT. Kyle will then reveal that one key ingredient you need to bring clarity to your marketing program and blow that glass ceiling off your growth goals!

In addition to learning about this essential element, you'll also be getting the details on 7 Specific Keys to Marketing Success - a healthy dose of proven and practical 'real-world' examples, like:

  • A simple letter that generated a $70,000 remodeling sale (really!)
  • How mailing out a trash can resulted in $1.6M in revenue for a remodeler over the last 12 months (and you can do the same thing tomorrow)
  • What BLB's are and why you need to be doing four of them every month
  • How to most effectively use the web in your lead generation efforts
  • Great ways to stay in touch with your previous clients without hardly lifting a finger
  • An area of your sales pipeline that gets neglected and how to fix it
  • How to easily put your follow-up program on autopilot
  • And more proven, practical, simple, and effective tips for how to generate a consistent flow of ideal leads and convert those leads to paying projects!

You'll leave the session with clear takeaways and direction for marketing your business.

About Kyle Hunt, Owner of Remodel Your Marketing

After years of experience in the remodeling industry, Kyle now installs his proven and practical Marketing System for remodelers and contractors throughout the U.S. Kyle resides in Brighton, Michigan with his wife and three kids (#4 is on the way...) You can contact him by:


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