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Construction Programs & Results Inc

We Like to See The Good Guys Win!

What We Believe

  1. A construction-related business has the right and the responsibility to charge a fair price for their work, a price that enables them to pay their business bills, support their family and their employee's families, and set aside a profit for stability.
  2. A contractor's business should provide enough income to adequately support their family. If not, it's a hobby, not a business.
  3. Contractors have the right and the responsibility to write contracts that are a win-win document for both their client and their business.
  4. A construction contractor should do what is on their contract, to the very best of their ability, and never cut corners at the client's expense.
  5. Relationships between general contractors, specialty contractors and suppliers can and should be win-win relationships, and should provide a reasonable standard of living for all parties.
  6. A construction business owner has a responsibility to conduct business in a professional manner. This includes returning phone calls and showing up for appointments on time.