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Lead Carpenter Online Training Classes

Tim Faller, Field Training Services

For a remodeling business to grow, the owner needs to hire skilled employees who can both work on the jobs, and supervise employees and subs. That employee is often called a Lead Carpenter.

This set of 11 separate online videos discusses how to incorporate the Lead Carpenter into your business, but it also provides valuable information for all production employees, as well as the company owner.

This valuable training focuses primarily on remodeling, and is designed for business owners, Lead Carpenters, Managers, laborers, and anyone wishing to be a Lead Carpenter. Each class is a self contained unit and doesn’t require the other units.

A written quiz is also included for each session. The quizzes on are designed to be given at the end of each training, to create discussion between team members and management. In some cases there is no right or wrong answer, in other cases it may be good to go back through the handout and find the answer. They are not intended to be graded but to see if people are getting the message of the training.

Presented by Tim Faller, a professional production trainer in the construction industry for many years. Tim is also available for onsite training, contact him at his website,


Lead Carpenter System
Lead Carpenter Job Description
Production Employees and Profit
Time Management and Production
Customer Service and Production
Production and Scheduling: On Time, On Budget
Pre-Job Planning
Subcontractors: Working as a Team
Construction Project Paperwork
Job Cost Reports
Managing Change Orders in the Field

Each class is $29.95, with unlimited access.

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