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Markup and Profit Class

Michael Stone, Contractor Trainer

The Markup & Profit class is designed to help contractors like you make more money. Taught by Michael Stone, author of the book "Markup & Profit; A Contractor's Guide Revisited", this class supplements the book. Michael frequently references his book throughout the class, we recommend purchasing the book with the class. 

This is the same class that Michael has taught to over 6,000 contractors in 76 cities around the U.S. and Canada.

The goal of the class is to change your way of thinking from that of a mechanic into thinking like a successful businessperson in the construction industry. These 6-hours will show you the tools you need to make more money in a construction-related business. Our goal is to focus the people, policies and procedures of your company on making money instead of just making a living.

"Your seminar was the only one I have attended in 35 years where I was literally blown away. Your in-depth REALISTIC view of contracting was not only amazingly accurate, but in the span of about 7 hours I learned more about what I should be doing than my previous 10 years in the business.

Your book and seminar should be required by all who enter or aspire to enter the contracting business. If only I had been to your seminar 3 or 4 years ago, I would probably be much better off financially today."

Plainview, New York

The class is available in three formats.

  • We have an audio version of the class available on CD and (while they last) cassette. This class was taped in 2000, but the principles in the class are still the same. You can order this class below.
  • The same audio class is available in .mp3 format for download. Order that here - Markup & Profit Class Podcasts
  • A video class is available online. Six, one-hour segments, taped in the fall of 2012. Details on the online class are available here - Markup and Profit Online Training


Order the CD or Cassette Format

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6-hour audio Cassette $9.95
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Do I need the book?
We strongly recommend purchasing the book along with the audio. Michael makes many references to the book during the 6-hour class.

Who is the target audience?
We recommend this class for all construction-related business owners. The information pertains to all specialties as well as general contractors, whether doing remodeling or building new homes, residential or commercial. The information is also been valuable for CPA's and accountants working with construction-related businesses. The focus is on the business, not on production or building jobs.