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How to Master the Art of Selling

Tom Hopkins, How to Master the Art of Selling

Tom Hopkins has long been one of the top teachers in sales, and his book How to Master the Art of Selling is a must-read for anyone who wants or needs to sell.

After failing during the first six months of his career in sales, Tom Hopkins learned and applied the best sales techniques, then earned more than one million dollars in just three years. The answer to his turnaround is covered in How to Master the Art of Selling. This book, originally published in 1980, is still the best book ever written on the subject of sales.

In this fully updated and revised edition of his national bestseller, Tom shows how you can succeed in the profession of selling. Learn:

  • How to create the perfect selling climate
  • Specific questions and tie-downs
  • Referral and nonreferral prospecting
  • How to "sell" the most important people you know
  • Effective phone techniques
  • How to finesse the first meeting
  • How to handle objections and what to do when you hear the word "no"
  • How to test different closes and master sixteen powerful closes
  • How to plan for greatest selling impact


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Paperback, 8" x 5.5"
377 pages plus index