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Employee Manual Sample Language


From time to time it is possible that business conditions may cause the workforce to be reduced through lay-offs. In the event of a lay-off, one or more factors will be considered; ability, performance, productivity, and tenure. <COMPANY NAME> will follow all state and federal laws pertaining to lay-offs, and will provide as much advance notice as possible.

Job Abandonment

Any employee who fails to report to work for three (3) consecutively scheduled workdays without notice to, or approval from his/her Supervisor, will be deemed to have voluntarily terminated employment with the Company.

Notice of Resignation

In the event, you choose to resign from your position, as much advanced notice as possible is appreciated. However, under certain circumstances, it may not be accepted. You are responsible for returning all Company property in your possession, or for which you are responsible. This policy in no way alters the "at-will" employment relationship between you and the Company.


The Owner must approve all offers of re-employment. Upon re-employment, an employee's service record starts over with regard to all benefit programs, as though the employee was being hired for the first time.


Please provide the Owner with at least ninety (90) days advance notice of your intended retirement date so plans can be made to hire a replacement upon your retirement. This policy in no way alters the "at-will" employment relationship between you and the Company.

Exit Interview

Any employee leaving <COMPANY NAME> may be requested to provide an exit interview, either in person or by telephone, with a designated Company Representative or the Owner. The purpose of this interview is to explore the reasons for separation and your work experience at the Company.

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Since we are not familiar with the law in all states, you must have your attorney review this manual to make sure it meets the law in your state and/or locality.