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Buyer's Guide to Selecting a Contractor

Buyer's Guide

How do you help your potential remodeling or renovation clients select the right contractor for their job?

A fellow contractor has created a remarkable guide for his clients. Buyer's Guide: A Reliable Approach to Selecting a Contractor, is a customized 16 page booklet, 5-1/2" x 8-1/2".

The 16 page booklet goes far beyond the usual "what to look for in a contractor" lists. The booklet details:

  • Where homeowners typically go wrong when choosing a contractor
  • Why you can't really compare estimates
  • Why free estimates aren't really free
  • The high risk of failure in construction (and what happens to clients when a business fails)
  • How to interview a contractor
  • Why contractors can have vastly different prices for what appears to be the same project

This booklet, written by Anthony Slabaugh of Anthony Slabaugh Remodeling, is well-written and creatively designed. It will both educate your client and set your business apart from the others. With winsome images, it's easy to read and helps you establish yourself and your business as the contractor of choice. The last two pages are for note-taking and include a contractor comparison chart.

When Anthony first showed this to us, he said, "We hope it will help raise the bar on what homeowners should expect out of a contractor." And that's exactly what it does. 

Two purchase options:

1. Download the booklet as is and use it as a blueprint to create your own version. The booklet is in low-resolution .pdf format and can't be edited. You have permission to copy the text and the layout to create your own version for your company's use only. 

2. Purchase a ready-to-print file customized with your company information and your picture or logo. We'll add your company name to the front cover (image 1 above), your email address to Page 3 (image 3 above) and your company information to the back cover (image 6 above), along with either your photo or your logo on the back cover. You'll receive a high resolution .pdf file that can be taken to any print shop for final printing. Your file will be emailed within 5 business days after receiving your input.

If you order the booklet as is (option 1) and decide you want the ready-to-print file (option 2) instead, let us know when ordering Option 2. We'll credit the first purchase.

Two Options:

Download and review the booklet (details above). You have full permission to copy text and layout to create your own version for one company's use. $39.95

The Buyer's Guide, customized for your business and ready to print. Your company name on the front cover, your email address on Page 3, your company information and logo or photo on the back cover. $99.95