Subcontractors: Working as a Team

Subcontractors, Working as a Team Sample Clip - Length: 58 seconds

In this clip, Tim discusses the communication between a general contractor and their subcontractors on a construction site.

This class is 50 minutes long and covers the following topics. It also includes a download link for the audio recording (playable on any mp3 player), a download link for the handout in pdf format, and a written quiz for discussion.

  • Attitude is everything
    • Negative attitudes that are held
    • What are the right attitudes?
  • Develop an understanding:
    • How a Subs work is different
    • How a Subs work is the same
  • Building Teamwork
    • Identify Common Goals
    • How to Achieve those Common Goals
  • Recruiting Subs
  • Now That We're a Team
    • Scheduling
    • Working relationship on the jobsite
    • Know the scope of work

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