Job Cost Reports

Job Cost Reports Sample Clip - Length: 46 seconds

In this clip, Tim explains making adjustments to a job in progress based on the info in a Job Cost Report.

This class is 42 minutes long and covers the following topics. It also includes a download link for the audio recording (playable on any mp3 player), a download link for the handout in pdf format, and a written quiz for discussion.

  • What job cost reports are
  • How the job cost report relates to the job budget
  • What budgets are for
  • If jobs are time and material, why budget? Why job cost?
  • How to use the job cost report
  • Dealing with the time lag - reports aren't available for at least a week
  • Decision making based on job cost report
  • What can be done about a job that's losing money?
  • Job cost report review schedule based on the size of the job

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