Production Training

We offer three sets of online courses for production training. All are taught by Tim Faller of Field Training Services. There is overlap between the courses.

We recommend the Construction Project Management and Three Keys to Successful Construction Business Management courses for most remodeling companies.

The Lead Carpenter Production Training courses are also primarily for remodeling companies and work in conjunction with his Lead Carpenter Handbook. The Lead Carpenter Production Training videos do overlap with the Construction Project Management courses.


Construction Project Management

Managing a construction project from start to finish with few problems requires a systematic approach, and Tim Faller explains how to make that happen in this five-hour course.


Three Keys to Successful Construction Business Management

Tim Faller discusses three keys to successfully manage the business side of production. It's the business side of production that results in happier clients and smoother jobs. This is a three-hour course.


Lead Carpenter Production Training

The Production Training courses are specifically focused on the Lead Carpenter process as outlined in Tim's Lead Carpenter Handbook. These courses are sold individually and range from 30-50 minutes.

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